There is No Silver Bullet to Success.

It takes an army of people, a safe environment, high-quality programs and unique experiences to level the playing field. We don’t just do one thing, we do whatever it takes to build great futures.



Jackson attends St. Paul’s Lutheran Middle School as an 8th grade student. He has been a member at the Club at the Y since 2017. Jackson plays a vital role in the Keystone Club and is the leading volunteer with over 600 hours of service in one year. He says opportunities to give back allow him to practice leadership, teamwork and communication. Jackson takes advantage of everything the Club has to offer. Although academic work does not come easily to him, he puts in time on homework with the help of Club staff. He even appreciates that staff call him out when they know he’s not trying his best. Club at the Y Director Andrew is continuously impressed by Jackson:

“He doesn’t give up, even when things get tough for him. He is always willing to serve others, either at the Club or in the community. He is the first person to volunteer to help and the last to throw in the towel.”

Jackson is grateful that the Club provides him a place to grow with the support of caring adults who always push him to do his best. Jackson’s dream is that every teen has supportive adults to help them reach their potential.




Ellie is a 6th grade student at Farnsworth Middle School. She attends Club at the Y and has been a Boys & Girls Club member since 2012. Around the Club, Ellie is known as outgoing, social and someone who loves making friends. But this wasn’t always the case. Ellie had a hard time interacting with people just a few years ago. She overcame her fears with the help of a few staff members who would spend time talking with her. She says the Club helped her see that she’s one in a billion and that she can be anything she wants to be. Staff member Bailey is proud of Ellie’s character:

“She is kind to all people, treats her peers with respect, takes her academics seriously, uses her talents to serve others, and always always has a smile on her face.”

boys and girls clubs of sheboygan county junior youth of the year 2019

Program impact

It all adds up. Safe places plus trained staff and impactful programming equals better outcomes for our kids.


economic impact

  • A 2016 study conducted by the Institute for Social Research and the School of Public Health at the University of Michigan found that every $1 invested in Boys & Girls Clubs returns nearly $10 in current and future earnings, as well as cost-savings to our community.
  • How? Clubs help increase the earning power of parents, as well as of youth when they become adults. They also contribute to major savings for society by helping to prevent costly expenditures for health care, public assistance programs, and criminal justice system involvement and incarceration.

Every $1 invested in the Boys & Girls Club returns nearly $10 in benefits to Sheboygan County.

$1 investment in Boys & Girls Clubs yields $10 in benefit for Sheboygan County