Clubs Join Walk for Unity

By Christina Singh  |  August 21, 2021

The second annual walk on August 21, 2021 united Sheboygan community members with music, inspirational words, and positivity. Residents met at Fountain Park where Michael Thomas, president of Black-American Community Outreach asked everyone to connect with someone they didn’t already know to start a conversation.

Club CEO Christina Singh walked alongside community members and joined the crowd at Peace Park for a presentation of painted rocks symbolizing the strength in our unity. Rocks were decorated to represent community stakeholders like Boys & Girls Clubs, LGBTQ Alliance, Hmong Mutual Assistance, City of Sheboygan, Hispanic Community, Police Department and Black American Community Outreach.

After the event Singh said she was honored to represent the Clubs and LGBTQ Alliance:

My role in leading Boys & Girls Clubs is one of service. Our mission can only be realized if we seek to serve without exclusion; and if we work to build something that not only serves all, but addresses inequities and injustice. The effort toward unity, inclusion, and belonging is not passive. It requires us to show up and serve. And I’ll be forever grateful for the opportunity to do just that.”

Watch the Walk for Unity here –


Above left, painted rocks are placed in the center of Peace Park
Above right, Club CEO Christina Singh speaks to the crowd about unity at Clubs and as an ally for the LGBTQ Alliance
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