She Won’t Go Speechless

By BGCSC  |  February 6, 2020

On February 6th our community came together for our annual Arts & Leadership Event, a celebration of young painters, photographers, poets, singers, dancers, musicians and leaders. If you were there, you saw budding artists beaming with pride as grownups came to view their work on display in a REAL art museum. You saw an 11 year old complete a painting Bob Ross style – live in front of everyone. You saw performers building essential skills of confidence and public speaking. You saw young leaders humbly accept recognition of their accomplishments. And in perhaps the best example of what the Club is all about – you saw 8 year old Sydney hit a rough spot in her solo performance of the song Speechless. She looked like she wanted to give up, but the whole room rallied around her. Everyone cheered, clapped and then… Sydney came back singing bigger and better than before. The crowd gave a standing ovation! It was a moving moment that represented what we teach Club kids: try tough things, try your best, and if you make a mistake, don’t give up! There are always those who will help lift you – like your Boys & Girls Club family.